Web Design

A site that perfectly translates your brand strategy

How do you translate your core values and strategy into the design of your website? At Mediabirds we do extensive research and analyze where (online) opportunities lie for the organization. We conduct several interviews and fill in various models to ensure that the final web design fits in well with the organization. Besides, we believe that your web design should be well thought out. 

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What makes a good website?

Beautiful lines, colors and texts. Elements of a good web design do not necessarily make a good website. A good web design goes beyond just looks. User friendliness plays an important role. If a website is not user-friendly and your visitor has to search for a long time before he finds what he is looking for, then the design may be beautiful, but it is not a good design. It is therefore important to take into account the appearance and functionality of the design. 

How we work

At Mediabirds, our UX specialists immerse themselves in the company, the problem and the client. We define the project, conduct research and make multiple analyses. Based on this, our UX specialists create a User Experience Design. This is followed up by a User Interface Design. Using A/B testing and analysis, we continuously research what works and what doesn’t. This way we know for sure that your visitors can easily find what they are looking for. 

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